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Our Services

Our Home Health Services

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Skilled nursing / specialty nursing programs
  • Wound care
  • Infusion services
  • Disease management programs including cardiac and pulmonary care
  • Rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech-language therapy
  • Medical social work services


High quality home health care demands a level of experience and expertise that goes far beyond basic nursing skills. Patients and family members will feel at ease with our experienced nursing team averaging 9 + years of home health nursing experience, licensed in Kansas and Missouri. Our Nursing Staff will develop a plan of care based on an initial clinical assessment in collaboration with you and your physician. Our nurses will provide direct patient care, medication monitoring, and education on managing your illness in your home to regain your independence.

  • Wound & Ostomy Care - A nurse with special training assists patients with ostomies and skin problems. Patients and family receive extensive training in order to feel confident assuming this care themselves.
  • Infusion Therapy - Highly trained registered nurses provide care and instruction to patients who need intravenous fluids, antibiotics or tube feedings in the comfort of their own home.

Rehabilitation Services Program

Carondelet Home Health Services offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program including physical, occupational and speech therapy. In addition, Carondelet Home Health offers a Total Joint Replacement Program.

  • Physical Therapy - Physical Therapists utilize therapeutic exercises, gait training, and physical modalities to help restore mobility, improve balance, range of motion and strength, and decrease pain.
  • Occupational Therapy - Occupational Therapists assist patients to regain independence through functional and task-based retraining as well as the use of adaptive equipment for daily living.
  • Speech Language Pathology - Speech Language Pathologists assist in the recovery of the ability to communicate through spoken language. Our Speech Therapist have special training in the use of Vital Stim Therapy, an electrical stimulation to treat patients with swallowing problems.

Social Work Services

A Medical Social Worker can assist the patient and family with social and economic problems resulting from illness and acts as a liaison with community resource agencies.